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About Speed Quizzing Herts! 

Speed Quizzing Herts is a quiz company based in Hertfordshire! We are looking at bringing something new and exciting to your venue/function.


The SpeedQuizzing system has changed the way people today approach quiz events, but more specifically it has enabled the Great British pub quiz to evolve into something new. Gone is the slow pace. Gone is the cheating (that has undermined the integrity of pen and paper pub quizzes for many years) and the days where quiz contestants actually have to mark each others question sheets is thankfully also now a thing of the past.


SpeedQuizzing’s quiz game software heralds a new age of high-energy smartphone pub quizzing where the fast-paced game style takes trivia nights to new heights while ensuring it is impossible to cheat!

How Does Speed Quizzing Work?


A customer downloads a free app onto their own smart device which allows them (with a group of friends) to take part in a pub quiz in the same way they would with a pen and paper quiz but with some notable differences.


The same as with a pen and paper pub quiz....

A host  reads the questions over a microphone.

Quiz teams sit around a table and aim to answer as many questions as possible in order to score more points than competing teams.

Questions are asked in rounds, with breaks in-between to allow for drinks etc.

Teams socialise, drink, debate answers, laugh, joke, brag, and enjoy banter with other teams.


Unlike a pen and paper pub quiz....

Rather than having an unspecified amount of time to write an answer down, teams are given a time-limit (sometimes as short as 10 seconds) during which time they have to decide on an answer and input it using the keypad on their device screen. This gives players considerably less time to attempt to cheat!

Generally answers are submitted by a single tap on the device screen. IE. first letter of the answer, or multiple-choice (A.B.C.D etc).













Picture Questions are also done using a time limit, for example, teams might be given 20 seconds to put a name to a face displayed on their device-screen.

Scoring is taken care of automatically by the laptop with the leader-board being accessible at any point throughout the event.

Unlike a traditional pub-quiz the answers are revealed immediately after each question, causing increased social interaction between team-members as well as maximum banter between competing teams.

10 Keypad with highlight TRIVIA 4

What we supply?


Microphone/Sound system to allow all participants to hear the questions being read out clearly.


An enthusiastic host, capable of reading and speaking clearly into a microphone and who is confident addressing a crowd.

Local promotion. Posters, Tent cards, Social media etc..

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